Evelynn and the Ball

So Evelynn, our beloved daughter, still doesn’t want to walk.  If you try to make her walk she yells and screams at you and tell you that you are a bad parent.  This is not because of lack of skills.  Check out the video below, where you will see that she is able to pick up a ball that is as large as she is and wave it around in the air while she is standing.  She must have got that stubborn streak from her aunts and uncles, because it certainly isn’t anything we’ve taught her.

Evelynn and the Ball.ogv

P.S.  I also think it is cute how she spins around on her bottom.

P.P.S.  If you are having difficulty playing the video (which is in Ogg Theora format) try using Firefox 4 or VLC.

One reply on “Evelynn and the Ball”

  1. oh my goodness she is so adorable!! i love how excited she is about the ball! Arthur enjoys watching this video too. 🙂 her little bum circle scoot is really cute!

    about the stubborn issue, sounds like an oldest child stubborn streak… i wouldnt know anythign about that though Soren since im the second 😉 Hopefully she gets all the stubborness out now before you try to potty train!

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